No Slogan

by Our Bones

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Recorded and Mixed by Our Bones
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Album Art by Josh Angehr
Photography by Benjamin Durland


released June 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Our Bones New York

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Track Name: Incumbent
it seems my friends
we’ve been forsaken
bound to this place
where god don’t ever show his face
left us for the birds
divided by walls of words

it seems my love
has been unfaithful
she said she’d be home
but now she won’t pick up her phone -
tired of fuckin’ around
find someone true and settle down

some people take
all that they can get
(they won’t give it up slowly)
and have their way with it
(gave up on giving it back
sad souls for dollars and cents)
some people take
all that they can get
just to die with it

it seems our rights
are being taken
and this corporate greed
sure has left its mark on me
what’s good for the goose
is good for the gander - slander
they’re feeding us cancer
what a brilliant trick you’ve found,
trickle down - yeah right
hows-a-bout we pass around
Track Name: Wormhole Heart
i’ve seen enough of your coffee mugs
framed impolitely
i’ve had too much of your parent’s basement
though i’d never tell you that

now you’re bending over backwards
so your back won’t break
and there’s a figure in the corner
screaming ‘take take take!
and don’t bother me
when you’re found feeling hopeless’

step in line
watch you step in time slowly
I feel so sacred
that your mono rhythm bores me
and glory is just a tickle in your gut
that tells you ’life is satisfying
and you’ll never get enough’

so run scared - run screaming
run and tell a stranger
exactly what you’re feeling
we can eulogize precisely
what we thought we’d known before
but we want more
so much more

so run scared - run screaming
Track Name: Die Alone
you tucked a fitness magazine
inside your winter coat
they told you ‘life’s lead by the body,
and love cuts at the throat’
but that’s all they wrote
you turned to face the catcall of code
that you never spoke of outside your home -

you might die alone

now everyone around is pleading,
‘it’s my turn to be saved!’
to some trumped up human garbage
the battered and broken remains of
the last time I spoke to the first one I loved
who had small words for me, she said,
‘life’s lead by the body, and that’s all you will ever be
to me’
and you’ll probably die alone

we might die alone
Track Name: Pray for Prey
it takes hold that sinking feeling
that you strangle at your chest
progress preventing that
which every detail told
and I’m growing old
through imagined pastimes
a mantra of control unfolded at my knees
and taught me how to pray
but I wouldn’t

some might force me down toward the stream
singing ’don’t drink the water!’
not another hypocrite will make me bathe
in the blood of those tortured souls
and I’m growing old,
still staggering at the truths that loved ones keep
and that they might prey on me
like water over stone

you dressed the stars
in second-hand clothes
revealed a single aspect of principle,
but now you’re gone, you’ve been gone
and they made songs
that they’re still singing out loud -
ba da da

your god won’t bring me to my knees
no god is not a problem
no god will sing me to my sleep
your god is not an option
Track Name: I Lit a Fire
I lit a fire on the tracks
and it’s never going out
I’ve got the evidence on hand
and no one’s ever finding out
you better keep your pretty mouth shut
I’m bringing everyone down
now speak softly to me
potential rests in my hands

yeah, come on

how could you do this to us?
after everything we’ve done
oh darling it’s everything you haven’t done
that’s the reason I am done
I am an unforgiving hand
that’s completely given up
I lit a fire
and now I’m watching it spread

you’ve got an army of a thousand men
you’ve got a ship that could rule them all
you’ve got the whole world on your side
look at me - I don’t have anything at all

but there’s still time to make it right
you haven’t given up
I pushed my way to the front of this line
and now it’s my turn
you had your chance and look at the world
I’ve given up on you
and now i’ve given myself up

look at me I have this match in my hand
look at me I have this match in my hand

I lit this fire
and it’s never going out
I lit this fire
and I’m finally going out
Track Name: Family Affair
in time you’ll feel important
a crooked smile with rotting teeth
you won’t forget the soft, sad silence
cause when you’re home you hardly speak
you hardly speak

you saw a silo sanctuary
fed a famished heart to beat
lost your languished love to science
now when he’s home you hardly sleep

no more dreaming of the typical
late born daughter of a criminal
your lack of empathy is so complete
stripped bare you’re a blatant obscenity to me

you swore a likeness
to anything but your father’s wealth
an outdated ideal
form of nothing but a calculated symmetry
jeweled indictment for a soulless incredulity

so take your time
signing self loathing to a greeting card
capital gains to your bed
your father’s crime
is not transcendent, or ruthless
or breaking the blood in your head

no more dreaming of the typical
late born daughter of a criminal
your lack of empathy is so complete
stripped bare you’re a blatant obscenity to me
no more pity for the miserable
blood-torn victim of the natural
misguided sympathy bars extremes
stripped bare you’re a vacant identity
to me
Track Name: Rose (Pt. 1)
Rose, you really put me out of touch
and I’m amazed by how you grow
from moss and stone

you cast away your fortune
you’re all but out of luck
and everyone you love,
everyone you love cries

oh, you won’t let me down again
your last wilting wishes
won’t be shared amongst friends
pretend you haven’t wasted
the light half of your life
to the bird and the branch
the botanist’s knife

Rose, how many heroes have you shaped?
sculpted from a structure
that the artist claims innate

it’s okay to be weary
it’s okay to jump ship and not swim
you could never swim

grow until your arms might reach the sky
but when you die
only carbon’s left behind

you cast away your fortune
and you’re simply out of luck now
and everyone you loved
everyone you loved cried

oh, you won’t let me down again
things might have been different
if we’d all played pretend
your friends are all getting wasted
on someone else’s wine
and you can cry - you can cry
but I won’t watch you die, Rose

I can’t watch you die, Rose
Track Name: Rose (Pt. 2)
in comes the band
they struck a chord that left your sinew smiling
it missed the mark in the end
it goes hand in hand
with that scowl you’ve been sporting
from years of constant compromise
in light of many more

in loneliness you are not alone
happiness will come, but by its nature it will go

and now I know that all that matters
in the dark is felt and heard
still I can see that you’ve been dreaming
cause I’m conscious to a fault
and it’s not what you deserve

your own voice was too loud
to utter promises or prayers
you reprimanded honesty
and honestly I can’t describe
what happens in the dark
is more than half of what you see
but you won’t ever believe it
unless you dream it in your sleep

I can’t watch you die, Rose
I won’t watch you
Track Name: Lost & Found
lost and found -
the danger lies
in knowing what’s at stake
I have found
this life incurious to those
who are not awake

compromise -
might be easier to carry on
if I close my eyes
but you are my god
the brightest star
shining in my sky
and I, no I
can’t let anybody else
shine light in my eyes

this is all for show
and there’s one thing I know
there’s so much more out there than
what we can buy
when you’re on your way
you may be led astray
I won’t let you be blinded by
dollar signs

they advertise
with flashing lights
it’s so inviting and exciting
but it’s blinding
you sell your soul
to buy more stuff
you’re not fulfilled
you’r out of touch

but can you tell me apart from the war?
can you tell me apart from the war on us?
Track Name: No Slogan
you stepped through the door
with your foot in your mouth
honored guest at the party
that you threw for yourself
call off the patrons
devour the host
you might suffer in silence
but you don’t suffer the most

so I wrote a letter in pencil
that I only half erased
and sent with no return address
to hope that futures make
but there’s no golden pavement
crowded streets, shaded stone
your future is not calling
your house is not a home

please hold on to hope
the sadness you feel now will go

sold your soul on common sense
in ignorance you manifested
you can pretend this window’s a mirror
step outside it’s clear - you are not alone
sold your soul on common sense
in your cashed out credit over confidences
you can pretend this window’s a mirror
step outside it’s clear - you are not alone

now everyone’s got some syllables
like what is or isn’t great
preaching hope or change
but it’s never what we make
but there are real human lives here
and hearts so filled with hate
intolerance or indifference
the difference is in the effort that it takes

but wait, why should you care?
as long as you can eat
as long as you can get good and drunk
in front of your tv
cause if it’s not in your line of sight
then that renders it unseen
and there are only slogans in the static
screaming from your screen

but please hold on to hope
the demons you fight now will go